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Welcome! My name is Sherri, thank you for visiting Kona’s Blog! Kona’s Blog expresses practical, useful, and fun information for a daily dose of dog. At Kona’s Blog you will discover a wide assortment of dog-associated subjects that include: tips on training, dog-related product reviews, DIY activities for dog, stories about my three golden retrievers, and more.

My dogs are my four-legged children and mean the world to me. My husband and I were married in Hawaii September 4, 2012, both our second marriage. When we got our first golden retriever we decided to go with a Hawaiian name, which seemed appropriate since we were married in Hawaii, we named that sweet golden cotton ball Kona. A year later we decided to get her a sister, found our second golden retriever and named her Maui. They were our world, our children are too but dogs love you unconditionally and they don’t talk back lol. In July 2016, we moved to our current home after it was completed. For a housewarming gift to each other, my husband and I found our third golden love and named her Ailani. We now lovingly refer to them as “The Golden Girls”! Our Golden Girls are amazing, so full of life, loving, affectionate, and smart and I have told my husband multiple times, that I don’t know how I made it to 36 years old without the companionship of a golden retriever. Our girls have taught us a lot and continue to do so every day. My goal is to share with you all that I have learned along the way and learn more from the online dog loving community.

Just an FYI: While I encourage and look forward to hearing from you with your comments, opinions, questions, and observations so we all may learn…I won’t think twice before removing inappropriate, offensive, or rude comments. If necessary I will block repeat offenders.

“The Golden Girls”

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